Residential Carpet Cleaning

Did we mention we do residential carpets? Well we do, and we do it right!

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaning in Minneapolis is frustrating because we have such messy seasons. Of course, the worst of them being spring- when all that snow and filth melts and that all gets tracked into your home. If Minneapolis residents are anything like most of the country, they will have moments where they completely forget to take off their muddy boots, and that fresh, clean carpet is now packed full of sand, salt, and all sorts of mud. Or let’s be honest, if you have kids, then you likely have stains and high traffic areas that constantly need to be cleaned. Animals? Yeah, you’re going to want to get us in to clean your carpets as soon as possible.

Also, we’re just going to be real here- with how often people want to wipe door handles and grocery carts with sanitizing wipes, it’s a wonder to us that we are only called in once a year at most to do the residential cleaning. When in reality, the kind of dirt and germs tracked into your home and in your carpet is far worse. Moms- have you seen where your kids go with those shoes?

That’s why here at Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning keep the cost of carpet cleaning affordable for residential homes, so you can keep having us come in and freshen up the place. We are the area’s top residential carpet cleaning business. We will come to your home and work those stubborn carpet stains out, so you can relax knowing the entire house is clean top to bottom!

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Basements
  • Living Rooms
  • Hallways
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Stairs
  • Family Rooms
  • Dens
  • And anywhere with any carpet!

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

It’s those hallways where everyone has to walk. Or that one spot your husband always stands and yells at the sports game. And let’s not forget the stairs! High traffic areas, for residential carpet cleaning, are sectors that see a lot of foot traffic. Usually, these areas have a bit more dirt and grime, and the carpet is matted down quite a bit more than the rest of the carpet in the home. These high traffic areas tend to be the biggest headaches for residents in Minneapolis, so our team here at Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning is equipped and skilled and getting out even the most stubborn of stains!

You will love your fresh new looking carpet, and love that it doesn’t look like a bunch of elephants came running through after enjoying the snow melt puddles.


vacuum cleaner
Yes, our machine and hoses will reach all the way into your basement! We know that here in Minneapolis, the basement is where a lot of the family gathers for game night or the big sports game. Our hoses attached to our truck mounted system will reach far and wide, so no matter where your carpet is, we can clean it!

Living Rooms

Mother with baby
When we come to clean the carpets in living rooms, we can not only help move the furniture but put it back and even steam clean the furniture should you want us to! We understand that the living room is where you put those nice couches, the one’s people never sit on- so having clean carpet is a must. It’s where you host and entertain- and you want to convey a clean and orderly home- which is why basements are so handy, am I right?! If your living room carpet is in need of a touch-up, call Minneapolis’s Best Carpet Cleaning today!



Hallways always tend to be the most matted down, but not always the dirtiest. However, if you’re anything like most of the Moms and Dads we work with, part of the fun of vacuuming is seeing those beautiful vacuum lines. However, when the carpet is matted down from a lot of traffic, those lines get harder to see. Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning can come in a freshen that up in no time!


We once had a client that loved having fluffy, clean carpet on her stairs so much that we came in every three months. Granted, she had six kids all who played sports- but we loved her love for clean carpet. Whether the stairs are steep, wide, or curvy- we can clean them. Don’t hesitate to call, and don’t forget we can do just your stairs as well- no need to do more at times.

Family Rooms

Sippy Cups that leak. Kids that leak. Dogs that leak. That banana your son sore he had to have, now smashed on the carpet. The oils residue stains from your husband’s boots and that one mystery stain nobody has claimed to know anything about. Family rooms see the most stains, and the most traffic when it comes residential carpet cleaning. It also sees the most floor action- board games, toddlers, tummy time, a good game of line the cars up, chess and let’s not forget forts! It’s important to keep your family healthy and keep those carpets clean.


Common Questions for Residential Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis

Ans : Need? No, there’s very few things you need. Want? Yeah. If having a clean home, to include carpets, is important to you then you’re going to want the carpets cleaned every six months to a year. Here’s why:

On any given day we put our shoes on and head out the door (hopefully you put more than just shoes on, but you get the idea). We walk through the snow melt into our car. WE stop at the gas station, run into the bathroom to use the facilities, and then head back out to finish pumping gas. Then you get to work and walk all through the office, shop, or clinic- wherever you work. Now, think about all the chemicals, germs, and fluids your shoes came in contact with. Gross huh? And though we all try, we are never perfect at always taking our shoes off, because of life.

Not only does residential carpet cleaning truly keep your home cleaner, but it helps the carpet last longer, which is good for your pocket book. Carpet cleaning is a small investment to make to keep the carpets as good as new for years to come.

Ans : Absolutely. We use a truck mounted steam cleaning system for most of our carpet cleaning. We use boiling water with high pressured steam and a little bit of a shampoo- and that’s the magic trick. Because we have such a strong machine, we can actually extract all the shampoo and even excess moisture, so all you’re left with is thoroughly clean carpets. So go ahead, let the kids roll around and let the dogs find that favorite spot. Get out the board games and rest easy knowing you’re not laying in filth.

Ans : As soon as you call! While we do book up fast, we often keep a few emergency spots open should there be a leak or severe damage to the carpet. We know emergencies happen, so don’t wait and call now!

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