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As we all know, water emergencies in the home will and do cause mold damage when not properly removed. All mold needs in order to grow is moisture, food (dry wall, flooring etc.) and time. This is why we take water damage so seriously and why we work so fast to remove it all from the home- given too much time and that moisture can cause mold and a lot more damage to the property- and even your health.


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Mold RemovalIt’s imperative that during mold removal, you do not just simply clean up or bleach the mold. While this certainly makes the damage from the mold look better, we can assure it’s not better, and at times it can cause the mold to spread even more.

The best way to permanently remove the mold is to find the source of the extra moisture or water. Most molds sources are a corner of a room that isn’t properly ventilated, a pipe leaking a tiny amount of water behind a wall or only some leftover moisture from that cup of water that spilled months ago. Mold is relentless and merciless- so call Minneapolis/St.Pauls top mold removal and mold damage repairs service in the area.

While not all molds are the same, most of them can cause allergic reactions when breathed in- and sometimes worse. Mold also doesn’t just stop- it continues to invade the home and damage it, affecting the value of the property. It’s important that you call us to assess the damage and test the mold. We will not only remove the mold but find the cause of the mold and make sure that the problem is properly dealt with to avoid future mold contamination. Should we think, the mold needs to be tested, we will hire a third party source to do the testing.

Remember- mold , especially in Minneapolis’s humid climate in the summer and snow melt in spring, is almost always caused by water damage of some sort- call us now to find that source and restore your home or business!

​Though mold damage is not an immediate safety hazard like flooding or fire- mold does pose some other risks, so we wanted to make sure you are taking the proper steps to keep you and your loved ones healthy:

  1. If you have an allergic reaction to mold, wear breathing masks when working around or with the mold damage
  2. Always wear old clothing that you can throw away after you’ve been near the mold
  3. Do NOT try to treat the mold yourself- many “at home” treatments can cause the mold to grow faster and spread farther- it’s important we identify the type of mold, how it grows, and what surface it is on before we treat and remove it.
  1. Always ventilate your home to allow mold spores and allergens to exit the home.
  2. Turn off your HVAC system to avoid the mold spores spreading to other areas of the home through the system.
  3. And of course, call Insurance Restoration Services for complete removal and restoration.

Mold Damage Restoration Process

  • Find the source

Determining the source of the mold is always the first step. Here is the climate of Minneapolis, mold is usually the cause of water damage. There can be a simple leaky pipe that caused the moisture to build up or it could be that the problem wasn’t handled properly in the past, so though the mold has been cleaned up it was able to return.

  • Assess the total damage

Assessing the scope of the damage is our second step. There are times we need to bring in third parties for testing and structural assessment. Though there are pretty simple mold issues, there can also be extensive repairs needed.

  • Take action

Once we know the cause of the mold, the extent of the damage, and how we will restore everything- we get to work. We always seal the contaminated parts of the home and to protect the untouched areas from cross contamination. We seal shut all HVAC vents and negatively pressurize the area to ensure the mold spores do not spread. At this point we’re now ready to demolish, clean, and restore! This will look different for every case, so we’ll be sure to communicate with you about where we are at and explain the process. Just like fire and water damage restoration- you can trust Minneapolis’s favorite restoration company to get the job done right!!

Professional Tips From The Pro's At Minneapolis Best

  1. Preventing Mold in Your Home

Mold On FanCalling the restoration experts at Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning here in the cities is the first step you should take when water damage is occurring. If you are facing water damage to your home or business it’s important to act quickly so the damage does not become severe. On top of structural damage, you could experience mold invasion if the moisture is left sitting too long. Excess moisture that rests in the cracks or materials of the home will cause mold, especially because of our high humidity climate. Once mold has been allowed to grow because of untreated water damage, the restoration project becomes extensive and expensive. Prevent mold growth and possible mold invasion as a result of water damage by contacting Minnesota’s most trust restoration company!

  1. Detecting Mold FAST

MoldWhile some molds are easy to locate and find, others are incredibly hard to notice- and these are the ones that need the quickest removal. To locate the moisture or mold that is hiding, call us today. Here at Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning, we have equipment just for locating damage or moisture in materials that we cannot see with our eyes. Our professionals then determine if mold will grow, or has been for some time. Our team members are trained to detect these things so they can prevent further damage, and save you thousands of dollars. The 24/7 emergency response team here are always available for that very reason. Acting fast, no matter the time of day or day of the year is incredibly important.

Mold Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to mold damage, the usual cause is excess moisture that was not 100 percent removed. Though mold doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat to your home, it can be to your health! That’s why we are available 24/7 for any mold concerns you have, even if you simply suspect there might be mold- it’s best to get to it before it’s grown to a place that is visible! We will assess your home or business for free- and advise you on what we think needs to be done.

One thing we do always encourage our customers – is never to try and remediate the mold on your own! Mold can come in many forms and require many different treatments depending on the surface it’s on. Some molds have roots like trees, and some need much more careful removal to avoid contaminating the rest of your property.

Our Mold Damage Services are:

  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Inspection and Testing
  • Photograph damaged property- and appropriately document it all. Pictures are actually worth a thousand words. 
  • Keep records of gas mileage, etc. – often your insurance will cover all of that!
  • Keep children away from the property- the chemicals and smoke in the air can be dangerous for adults, but especially harmful to children!

24 Hour Mold Damage Emergency Service

Minneapolis’s Best Carpet Cleaning is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week all year- to include all major and minor Holidays. We understand that when it comes to damage to your home-time can either work for you or against you! That’s why our skilled and experienced technicians are always on call! We will come and fully prepared for anything that you might need- no matter the time of day and fast. We will have a team of people working diligently and quickly to keep your home or business from experiencing more damage- that’s why it’s imperative you call as soon as you see the need.

Please remember that you want time to be on your side- so it’s important to act fast and call us as soon as you see or suspect water damage. If you wait too long, it could mean permanent costly damage versus minor damage we could repair on the spot.

Always a Free Estimate for Mold Restoration

Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning knows that restoration can be an easy, inexpensive project- or a massive expensive one. That’s why we always offer a free estimate when we come and assess the damage. While you are gathering quotes- remember that when it comes to damage to the home- all quotes are an estimate. Our job is to completely remove all damage- a lot of times we find more mold, or more water damage as we begin restoration and that can often take more time and resources- while we do our best to give you a wide range of cost- a lot of companies will be a bit too confident and quote low to get the job, so always be weary of that! There’s never any way to know the exact amount in the restoration industry- often times it can even be lower- so you want a company that will give you an estimate, and a broad one!

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