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If the air ducts in your house contain dust, particles, irritants, mold spores and other impurities, the results can be a boost in allergy signs and respiratory problems, along with increased dust in the air and the requirement for regular home cleaning. Unclean air ducts can also minimize the efficiency of your heating and a/c system considerably, leading to higher energy costs. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that property owners employ only duct cleaning companies that are members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association or NADCA. As a long-standing member of the NADCA and a leader in Minneapolis air duct cleaning, we need an extensive and continuing training program for all of our professionals and satisfy or surpass all NADCA standards for security and quality.

Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning is the right company for homes that routinely have their duct and vents cleaned up, and we highly advise the low-cost Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning service. Where the accumulation of dust, allergens, animal hair and dander, and other contaminants is moderate and not securely complied with the walls of the air ducts, our Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning service does an excellent job of eliminating dust and indoor pollutants. Our highly trained, specialized teams travel the entire Minneapolis area to help homeowners with this valuable service. While heavy accumulations of particles or unique conditions may need our Rotary Brush or extra cleaning for best results, The Air Clean service offers the fiscally conservative a rightly priced service for your yearly cleanse

How Air Duct Cleaning Keeps Your Home's Air FREE of Allergens

Minneapolis Best Carpet Cleaning is a popularly relied on duct cleaning contractor in the Minneapolis area, and we advise a yearly duct cleaning for the majority of houses in the metro area. Our Air Duct cleaning is an inexpensive, efficient way to eliminate animal hair and dander, dust mine debris, common household dust, irritants and mold spores from your duct on a regular basis.

Here's the detailed process we utilize:

  • Truck-Mounted Vacuum System–

First, we run a six-inch vacuum line from our powerful vacuum system in our vans. This is inserted into the main trunk of your duct-work system, near your furnace. All debris is removed entirely from your home and is bagged outside the house for total removal.

  • An Air Wand Cleans Every Branch Duct–

An air compressor in our van materials high-pressure air to our air wands. They are placed into each register in your house without removing the register. The compressed air presses debris through the branch ducts to the primary trunk duct, where the vacuum removes it from your home.

  • A Reverse-Nozzle Air Snake Completes the Cleaning–

After the air wand cleans your branch and return ducts, our competent technician inserts this compressed air operated air snake into the primary trunk duct line. It pulls all remaining dust and debris back to the vacuum line. All return and supply ducts are cleaned during the process.

Is Air Cleaning Right for Your Home?

The best Air Duct Cleaning Service in Minneapolis MN. Our air cleaning service does an outstanding task of getting rid of light to moderate build-ups of air duct pollutants, including dust, mold spore, family pet dander, pollen and more. When our accredited professionals come to your home, they will carefully examine your air ducts. If Air cleaning is ideal for your home, they will never try to sell you a more expensive service. If massive debris build-up exists, nevertheless, you will be notified of the issue, and our Rotary Brush or extra duct cleaning will be suggested to you. We’ll describe the advantages of those services if they do a better job in your home. However, the decision is always yours to make. We never use high-pressure strategies to sell you services you don’t need.
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Trusted Minnesota Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air DuctAs an acclaimed HVAC cleaning service business in Minneapolis, we offer an extensive range of services to keep your home clean and safe. That implies you can select the very best service for your specific requirements. We cover the entire Twin Cities area, Our NADCA membership and the extensive training of our professionals, along with our advanced equipment, means that whatever service you select will result in cleaner air for your house. We’re devoted to offering you the info you need to pick the service that’s right for you and will never use hidden charges or carry out unnecessary services. Our impressive reputation is based on providing excellent information and service for every single consumer. Contact us today to schedule any of our services and to make the most of our excellent prices.

As always, when choosing a company make sure to thoroughly vet the business before inviting them into your home. Doing a air duct sweep can damage duct work if done improperly causing expensive repair bills if the company is not bonded and insured. The last thing we want is for you to buy new duct work because of an amateur cleaning company. Contact us with any additional questions you may have or to schedule an air duct cleaning service today.

Disclaimer: There is an extra expense for animal elimination (dead or alive) or animal nests or debris removal. This cost will vary depending on the circumstances.

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